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News 27/06/2011

Bee Congress

The South African organized beekeeping industry is celebrating its centenary this year. Beekeepers from across the country congregated last week in Stellenbosch for the South Africa Bee Industry Organization’s Beecon 2011 and the General Annual meeting to discuss the industry’s next 100 years ahead. We had a telephonic interview with their chairperson: John Moodie. Read More

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News 20/06/2011

Counting losses after the floods

The Western Cape department of Agriculture and Rural Development is estimating that the agricultural sector in the province suffered damages of more than R 300 million rand. Farmers in the Northern Cape are also counting their losses after floods caused by unexpected and unusual heavy winter rains in the South African interior. Read More

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News 14/06/2011

Eastern Cape Floods

Despite the loss of lives and serious damage in certain areas of the Eastern Cape, the residents of some of the drought stricken areas in the province are glad about the relief the recent wide spread and even unexpected winter rain has brought. Read More

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News 10/06/2011

Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform Budget Speech

Rural development and Land reform issues were once again catapulted into the national spotlight when the minister of Rural Development and Land reform, Gugile Nkwinti, made his 2011 budget speech in Parliament earlier this week. Read More

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News 09/06/2011

Machinery Sales May 2011

The upward trend with regards to tractor and combine harvester sales is still going strong. These machines’ sales are also still higher than last year at the same time Read More

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News 08/06/2011

Citrus Grower’s Association NEXT Launch

Citrus farmers younger than 35 years will have the opportunity to learn from recognized leaders in the citrus industry later this month. The Citrus Growers’ Association is organizing the CGA NEXT conference for young farmers who are involved in citrus production. An estimated quarter of the area planted with export citrus in South Africa, is managed by farmers younger than 35 years. Read More

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News 24/05/2011

ARC Production Guidelines

The “Maize Information Guide” and the “Guidelines for the Production of Small Grains in the Summer Region and the Winter Region” are dual-language containing practical information on the latest cultivars, weeds and pest control, fertilizer information, as well as other important aspects of production. Read More

2010/11 Grain Production Forecast photo

News 20/05/2011

2010/11 Grain Production Forecast

A look at the forecast for Grain Production for the 2010/11 Production season Read More

Brandy Festival 2011 photo

News 19/05/2011

Brandy Festival 2011

Now in its 4th year, this flagship event for the South African brandy industry will showcase brandy as never before with its hot new looks, innovative lifestyle attractions and social vibe. Read More

NEWS 17 May photo

News 17/05/2011

NEWS 17 May

The South African government will revisit the claims process that compensates black families who were removed from their land under white rule to offer redress to those who failed to meet earlier deadlines. Read More