Reverend Motlalepula Chabaku

Today is National Womens Day in which we commemorate the national march of women that took place on August the 9th 1956 to petition against legislation that required African people to carry special identification documents. The Reverend Motlalepula Chabaku is one of those brave women that took part.

Rev Motlalepula Chabaku is well-know as a cleric, politician, community leader, teacher, humanitarian, as well as for resisting the Apartheid system. Nowadays she lives in Soweto and she is still involved in assisting communities to empower and develop themselves. It also seems as if she has a knack for urban farming as well. She created a vegetable garden in her yard and by doing so, she is also trying to teach and inspire other people to do the same in order to help address food security.

For more information you can contact her on 082 555 9989