POPUP, or the People Upliftment Programme, is a non-profit organization with a holistic approach to the upliftment of underprivileged communities. Their approach includes the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual elements. At present POPUP offers 9 SETA accredited and 5 non-accredited market related skills programmes.

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POPUP (People Upliftment Programme) is a non-profit organisation (existing since 2000) with a holistic approach to the upliftment of under-privileged communities thereby ensuring that all the needs of individuals are addressed – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. POPUP renders services to all persons living in Tshwane (in the Gauteng province, South Africa) and the surrounding areas and neighbouring provinces (e.g. Soshanguve) regardless of race, culture, gender or religion.  In the first few years of the organisation's existence it was a shelter that housed approximately 150 destitute people. During its shelter days POPUP expanded its service collection by adding a Medical clinic (POPMed), Dental clinic (POPDent) and a Day Care Centre (POPKids). In 2004 the focus of the programme changed - people were now to be empowered to care for themselves rather than to be cared for. Currently POPUP's main centre is situated in Salvokop, Pretoria.  POPUP also expanded to Soshanguve in 2012.

At present POPUP offers 9 SETA accredited and 5 non-accredited market-related skills programmes to unemployed people. The duration of the skills programmes are between 2 and 24 weeks. All the learners attend a compulsory 10-day Personal Growth Programme (PGP) (Life Skills) that is aimed at restoring their lives. Not only does the programme equip them with practical skills like communication and time management, but they are taught that their lives have purpose, resulting in changed morals and values. Learners trained at POPUP enter society as changed people who can make a difference in their communities, family, friends and working environment.

POPUP is involved with entrepreneurial development by means of a Project and Enterprise Development (PED) training programme. POPUP also assists learners to create their own small enterprises which are made possible due to the benefits provided to the corporate industry and BEE Enterprise Development and Socio Economic scorecard points obtained when funding such entrepreneurial initiatives. During the past two years, POPUP assisted in registering 21 SME's as companies, as well as at SARS, etc. Selected entrepreneurs are part of a year-long incubation programme before they exit. Through companies' financial involvement, POPUP is in the position to provide starter kits and mentorship during the start-up phase and running of the business. The private and civil sector can employ learners who have successfully completed their studies at POPUP by appointing them as entry level staff members, thus acquiring personnel with integrated sound morals and values.

POPUP also provides key social and medical services through our POPMed, POPDent, POPEar and POPEye clinics. We recently opened a HIV/AIDS Testing and Counselling Centre. POPUP's food programme gives food to 500 to 600 people per week day (this number includes 150 to 200 people that are served from our Soup Kitchen) and also offers clothing to the needy. The POPKids Day Care Centre is taking care of 77 children at POPUP Salvokop Centre. These children are between the age of 1 and 6 years.

For more information go to http://www.popup.co.za