Co-operative Bank photo

Article 14/08/2014

Co-operative Bank

Co-operative financial institutions as a concept has been in existence in South Africa for a number of years either as credit unions, “stokvels,” savings and credit co-operatives, or SACCOs and Financial Services Co-operatives. Read More

Rapsy Recap photo

Article 14/08/2014

Rapsy Recap

Rapsy is a poultry farm near Uitgenhage that benefited through the Recapitilization Programme of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform and managed to create employment for the local community through their activities. Read More

Dog Bite Education photo

Article 13/08/2014

Dog Bite Education

Exact dog bite statistics are not known, but the big issue with dog bites in rural areas is the risk of rabies transmission. In South Africa, 20-30 cases of human rabies are reported annually - this means that 20-30 people die a horrible death completely unnecessarily and this is much more common in rural areas than elsewhere. Read More

Itireleng Furniture photo

Article 13/08/2014

Itireleng Furniture

Itireleng helps bring dignity to the people as well as develop their skills. It promotes self sufficiency and income generation through job training and employment, They supply government institutions and the local community with the furniture they have made. Read More

PMA Fresh Connection Conference photo

Article 13/08/2014

PMA Fresh Connection Conference

PMA’s Fresh Connections Southern Africa is the leading fresh produce conference and expo in Southern Africa. Now in it’s fourth year, the event attracts the entire fresh produce supply chain, and offers attendees opportunities to grow their businesses, break into new markets, and share ideas with other leaders on how to take fresh to the next level. Read More

Threepence Recap photo

Article 13/08/2014

Threepence Recap

The farm Rooivlakte was purchased by the Threepence Family Trust in terms of the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform’s Restitution Programme. In addition, an amount of over one and a half million rands was awarded to the project for post settlement support. The Trust consists of some 40 households registered as beneficiaries. Read More

Devon Impemelelo Development Centre photo

Article 12/08/2014

Devon Impemelelo Development Centre

The Comprehensive Rural Development Programme, or CRDP, aims to mobilise and empower rural communities to take part in initiatives aimed at controlling their own destinies - with the support of government. Devon in Gauteng Province is one of the CRDP sites. Read More

Schulzendal Pig Farming photo

Article 12/08/2014

Schulzendal Pig Farming

Schulzendal pig farming is an income-generating project for the community of Schulzendal in Malalane. It was established to create jobs and alleviate poverty. They sell their stock to the local community as well as supply Barberton. Schulzendal’s future plan’s are to train youth in piggery and become a supplier to big retailers in South Africa. Read More

Techno X photo

Article 12/08/2014

Techno X

The future is rooted in technology and science - Sasol Techno X, is an exhibition that focuses on displays, workshops, tours, talks and hands-on activities aimed at enthusing learners, students and the general public about the endless possibilities of science and technology. Read More

A4 Art photo

Article 11/08/2014

A4 Art

South Africa’s bead art reflects the country’s colorful culture. It is rooted in the traditions of many South African tribes and has become popular among local and international visitors. It is sold at various shops and markets across the country and became an industry that creates an income for many people with beading skills in rural areas. Read More