Bela Bela CPA Projects

More than 6000 hectares of farmland was restored to the community in the Mabula area in Limpopo. The land lends itself to diverse farming activities that enables productivity throughout the year. The CPA projects that was started benefited through the recapitilisation programme and also consists of a Community Food Programme, while some of the youth are on a learnership programme through AgriSeta.



One of the key objectives of the Land Reform programme through the recapitalization initiative is to increase agricultural production, guarantee food security, job creation and graduate small scale farmers to commercial farmers in the agricultural sector. The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform committed itself to recapitalize more than one thousand deserted and unproductive farms. The model is designed in such a way that a farm will be funded under close supervision of the department in order to ensure sustainability going forward. To ensure the success of this project, the department has thus selected strategic partners who are currently farmers themselves, co-operatives who were previously assisting white farmers or commodity organizations whose who have vested interest on the projects because the sustainability of their businesses depend on agricultural produce. These strategic partners come with their own resources and guarantee uptake along the value chain or buying of products from the farmers.

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