About Us

Welcome to the Growing Tomorrow Website - Your porthole to information related to rural development, land reform and emerging agriculture.

Rural Development plays an integrated role in the economic development of the country and is also a major contributor to job creation and food security.

The foundation of Growing Tomorrow was built on the well known television programme AgriTV.

AgriTV has been a partner to the commercial farmer since 2003 when production house Media World created the show to add value to the business of agriculture. A half an hour programme was broadcast once a week on Saturday mornings at 08:00 on SABC2. Soon the value of the programme to the agricultural industry was realized and in 2004 the broadcast time was lengthened to one hour per week.

Soon thereafter AgriTV could be viewed on every television screen in the country every weekday morning. A new show Ulimo, also saw the light in 2006 – focusing especially on the needs of the
emerging farmer and their journey to reach commercial status. But the industry has developed so quickly and the unity in agriculture was so evident that soon the two programmes merged to be an half an hour every weekday on SABC2 at 05:30.

With Agriculture playing a major role in Rural Development, the focus shifted once more, to what you know today – a half an hour every weekday focusing on the development of the rural areas in South Africa.

In the programme

Development issue of the day gets discussed daily and at the center of this you will find information on:

Small Business & Finance, Community Development, Job Creation & Skills Development as well as Land Matters.

Broadcast Times

05:30 – Monday to Friday on SABC2


Give us a call for information on items you see on the show – 011 791 5658